How to Get the Best Car Finance Deal

Buying a car is both exciting and exhausting. It's a major investment which means it will take time if you want the purchase to count and last for the long haul. Add to that the pressure of finding a good car financing deal and the process will look even more daunting for many.

Don't fret though because there are easy and practical ways you can use to get the car financing aspect done hassle-free.

To sift through the long list of lenders offering car financing in UK and settle with the best deals, here are some of the things you can do:

Confirm the Real APR

Don't confuse APR with flat rate. Some dealers use the flat rate to make the deal look cheaper. As a responsible borrower, however, you need to investigate and confirm the real APR to ensure that you're getting the best end of the deal.

When speaking with dealers or lenders, always ask for the APR of the finance first. This should include details such as fees, interest and other related charges.

APR or also known as the annual percentage rate is one of the concrete aspects of the deal that will help you make comparisons more effectively. When comparing, make sure to do it using the same duration and loan amount to avoid confusion.

Try Your Haggling Skills

Haggling doesn't only apply when buying clothes or when shopping in a flea market. It is also applicable when you’re looking for the best car finance deal. When transacting with lenders or dealers, try to bargain and bargain hard if you must.

If you have good credit, all the more you should haggle. It works like a charm especially if you try to pit two dealers against each other. Who knows you might get a better price that way.

Don't Rush the Deal

If the dealer offers you a discount in exchange for you taking the car financing, you might want to hold off deciding just yet. Never rush a deal. If you want the best deal available, take your time and let them do the courting. Remember that competition in the car dealership industry is stiff. Oftentimes, dealers use high pressure strategies to get you to sign the dotted line. It's always best to wait and look elsewhere that may offer more affordable deals.

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