Chauffeur Car Finance

Is lack of financing stopping you to buy your new or second hand car? You already know which brand and model to buy for months. You've even been picked the perfect color. Unfortunately, insufficient financing is in the way. But that shouldn't be the case anymore. With Associate Chauffeur Network, whether you need a car for business or personal use, we are more than happy to help you get that vehicle at a price that is friendly for your pockets.

What We Do

At Associate Chauffeur Network, we pride ourselves in providing one of the most competitive car finance plans available today. Not only do we offer competitive rates but we give our clients sound advice on funding options and terms that will fit your budget and needs. To help you even further, we recommend websites such as UK Net Guide for more details on the subject. Visit their website at

Regardless of financial circumstances, we aim to help by making it our priority to provide financing even for people with bad credit or poor rating. We recognize how the economy has been very volatile. Instead of immediately turning down clients, we go the extra mile by giving you the most suitable financing in relation to your personal circumstances.

Who We Serve

In line with our belief that buying a car should be exciting and hassle-free, Associate Chauffeur Network has a team of specialists who are working hard to deliver financing solutions for all types of customers and financial circumstances. We have competitive car and chauffeur deals for hire purchase, contract hire, leasing options and personal contract purchase among others. For our bad credit car finance offers, we partner with Car Finance City to give you the most affordable options to choose from.

We also work with all employment types. Whether you're a self-employed chauffeur, taxi driver, fully employed, an executive or a company director, Associate Chauffeur Network is always ready to be of assistance.

We don't require deposit and our rates start low ensuring that you'll get the value you deserve.

Why Choose Us

With Associate Chauffeur Network, your needs come first. Our business centers on our desire to help and to do that, we offer one of the easiest, quickest and the most convenient way to get financing for your car in UK.

With us, you are not only going to get the car that you want at a price you can afford, but you will also enjoy an array of perks and conveniences.

We consider all applications despite of financial circumstance. We don't require any deposit and we help even those with bad credit, arrears or CCJs. We also allow our clients to buy any car from any dealer not to mention that same day drive-away is also available. Application is a breeze and we can give you a decision in just an hour. But ultimately, at Associate Chauffeur Network, you get to enjoy low rates making the experience of buying a new car incredibly fun and affordable.

How it Works

At Associate Chauffeur Network, applying for car financing cannot get any easier. Before completing our online form, you can also take advantage of our car loan calculator to give you an overview of how much car finance cost. You may also want to visit Money Super Market for additional information on the different types of car financing and its corresponding cost.

When you're ready to proceed, simply fill out our online application form which will only take a minute or even less. Wait for an hour to receive the decision. Once accepted, you will be working with one of our executives to discuss your options and budget. When all details are finalized, you can choose your car and wait for your new vehicle to be delivered.

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